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Formation and growth of Sim works throughout centuries has been tightly related with history of our Motherland – Great Russia. More than 250 years the works has been making the greatest contribution into strengthening of the Russian state’s mighty. So it has actually proved the remarkable phrase: «The Ural is the support of our country».

The origin of Sim works foundation was the ukase of Her Majesty Empress Elizabeth’s Berg-Collegium from 29 March 1759:

«… Permit the manufacturer Matvey Myasnikov together with the merchant of the town of Syzran Yakov Petrov… on area of Shaitan-Kudeisky volost in Ufa district… on the Sim River to construct a water-driven ironworks with two blast furnaces and a hammer factory with nine operating and three reserved hammers, if the river’s waterpower is capable to drive so many hammers».

In 1761 the first iron was obtained, in 1780 – the first iron from a blast furnace; in 1893 was blown the first open-hearth furnace. Since 1910 the works began to manufacture agricultural equipment and carts. And in 1941 is happened the conversion to manufacturing of aviation-technical products.

In years of the Great Patriotic war began a new history of enterprise. From July till October 1941 the trains with two Moscow aggregate-making plants arrived and made one – Sim mechanical works.

In period 1941-1945 are produced aggregates for mechanical and air start of plunger aviation engines, aggregates for pneumatic aircraft systems and airscrew regulator nearly for all fighting aeroplanes.

In post-war time the plant worked in close partnership with Moscow aggregate designing bureaus: such as aircraft corporation «Rubin» in Balashikha, Experimental design office «Aerosila» in Stupino. The works has developed serial production of a scale of airscrew regulators with special weather-vane characteristics, big amount of electric aggregates for remotely control of nozzle shutter and tailpipe burner for jet planes, automatic inhibition system aggregates of aviawheels, more than 40 kinds of hydro aggregates for different models of civil and fighting aeroplanes and helicopters.

In 60-s began the production’s enhancement, output of new goods. The manufacturing of regulator of screw revolutions was started for aeroplanes of chief aviation designer Antonov O. K., including for unique liners «Antey» and «Mria».

In 70-s opened up the production of plunger pump for the battle helicopters MI-8 (12, 14, 24). The soviet «Concord» TU-144 was equipped with fluid drive GP16.

The next coil in the plant’s history was development of manufacture of complex fuel-regulating aggregates for engines of MiG and SU-27 aircraft.

The country leaders have appreciated merits of the enterprise, and in 1976 with the command of USSR Supreme Soviet Presidium from 23 December the collective was awarded with the Order of Red Banner of Labour.

In 90s «Agregat» had a hard time, as well all country. For that years was typical a sharp decline of volume of aviation-technical products output. The enterprise started the production of gear oil pumps, compact sewing machines «Belka», parts for passenger cars etc. It made possible to increase rapidly volume of output, keep the works, his skilled engineers, technicians and workers. «Agregat» overcame the difficulties with dignity and began to move upwards.

Since 1995 the enterprise put out hydraulic rescue equipment for the subdivisions of Ministry of Emergency Situations, traffic police, housing and communal services and other spheres of life support.

Today is a new stage for the company: it develops the production and is one of the leaders of aviation device-building.in Russian space complex.

Since 2000 in the plant is going the reconstruction of works shops and reequipment. The modern shops of «Agregat» remind sterile laboratories. Processing centres from famous world producers are running almost noiseless. The reconstruction touched upon all realms of works’ life, and allowed to see all with a fresh look.

 The complete tool set was changed – measuring, cutting and auxiliary instrument, it permitted to reduce processing time of parts on 25-30%. The storehouse of tools is managed with computer-aided system «Matrix», which shows movement of tools on all stages: from order till write-off.

In 2009 was opened the production-and-training centre, in which the workers of «Agregat» and other Russian companies raise the level of their skill. In 2011 a new subdivision is found – «Shop of industrial hydraulics». There work the best specialists in engineering and production. They elaborate new kinds of industrial hydraulics and self-contained rescue equipment which compares well with the best world samples and became many medals and diplomas for his uniqueness and high quality. The company began also to produce rotor vertical pump for oil and gas industry

The plant has a close connection in production with leading aviation engine-building companies and aggregate designing bureaus in Moscow.

In last 10 years the enterprise introduced aggregates for the newest Russian aircraft: YAK-130, BE-200, ТU-204, IL-96-400. This is hydro aggregates, aggregates for engine oil system, fuel-regulating aggregates used in varies modifications of SU aircraft with engine AL-31F.

As an only enterprise forming a town «Agregat» renders sponsoring support to educational, medical and cultural institutions, as well veterans of war and work.


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