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«Agregat» PJSC has a high-powered industrial base and modern technologies. Special purpose workshops and sections are constructed for producing of technologic homogenous parts. Such concept uses maximal the technological opportunities of modern equipment in the company’s workshops.

The processing of body-parts happens on the modern 4- and 5-coordinate processing centres, which make possible to get high geometrical accuracy of surface processing and their relative position.

In the machine shops are extensively used the modern turn-milling centers, they combine many different operations by processing parts from the bar stock.

High-precision erosion equipment let get orifices with any configuration in the parts «sleeving» of hydraulic applications with the high quality of distributing edges.

Today the company has follow productions: 

  • Founding
  • Hot and cold pressing
  • Processing of rubber and plastic
  • Electrolyte coating
  • Thermal treatment of parts
  • Machine processing
  • Assemblage and proving

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