English Products Rescue equipment

The sole distributor of hydraulic rescue equipment of «Agregat» JSC is «Tierney and Henderson» Ltd. 

Rescue equipment S-2

The equipment of the series S-2 has a quick-connect coupling of bayonet type that secures a quick and easy connection. The hermiticity of the demountable connector protects from mud and sand, the smooth surface of his flanks permit to get away impurities easy.
The rubber handle guarantees safety catch and reduce vibration.

Rescue equipment S-3

The feature of the «S-3» series’ tools is application of one-demountable connection of hydraulic pipes (hoses) КB3М, it allows to make synchronous connection of pipes with high and low pressure without switching-off the power fluid steam.
The new control module BU 10.00.00 with connecter KB3M has a compact design, the connecter can turn on 360 degrees concerning the connection axis. As a result the operator has better conditions and less weight load.

Rescue equipment S-4

The key point of the «S-3» series’ equipment is dividing of tools in two parts. The application of original quick disconnect coupling KB3M allows to separate the control block from power and operating tool parts. It gives the opportunity to use one control module with different tools that reduce well the price of a machine tool kit. The connecter KB3M can change direction of the power fluid stream, it makes possible the distant control of tools, lightens work in inaccessible areas, secures the life and health of a rescuer in danger zones. Control modules BU01-S4 and BU10-S4 are connected direct to the tool or through an extension for distant control.
It is very important that the same equipment can have different variants of connections to a source of power pressure:

— through the control module from hydraulic power station or manual pump,

— through direct connection to a manual pump,

— opportunity of distant control.