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The politics of   «Agregat» PJSC in quality is based on the reaching of high reliability of products and service in accordance with existing standards and customer’s demands. The company aims at realization of complete quality management and continuous improving of all business processes.

           The demands requirement of quality system of   «Agregat» PJSC rest on ISO 9000 standards, which are supplemented with specific requirements.

      We can guarantee precise identification and uniformity of materials and processes.

Quality management system

For quality monitoring at «Agregat» PJSC are used modern inspection and measuring machines.
For measuring of box-shaped workpieces is used the multi-operated automatic coordinate measuring machine Global Activ 555 which allowes to measure coordinates on an automatic basis, forms of surface position to a high precision (1,9 + L/1000 mym).  For interoperable control the workshops have coordinate measuring machines Tesa Micro-Hite 3D manually controlled which give set-up men, workers and supervisors the opportunity to control sizes during their production.
In workshops of the enterprise for fast and exactly control of diametric and lineal sizes and defection in surfaces position in parts «spool-sleeving» is used optoelectronic measuring equipment Tesa Scan 50 plus. For control of «spool» parts is used an electron microscope Tesa Visio 300. The microscope can automatically locate and control distributing edges on the «spool» parts.
 One of the latest acquests of the company is a high precision gear-measuring machine of international standard Klingelnberg P26. This multi-purpose machine can control all characteristics of gear wheel with diameter till 260 mm with accuracy to 1.8+L/250 mym in a short time.  At the gear-grinding place for set-up and fast control of gear wheels is used a measuring machine Gear Spect.
In the workshop of industrial hydraulics is used a coordinate measuring machine Aberlink Axiom which control the parts «body», «spool-sleeving», «heaver» and other in the programmable mode.

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