English Quality QMS

Quality management system

The company’s policy in quality

Our mission is manufacturing of high-technology products.

The vision of the future is the positioning as an innovative, high-tech company and a leader in aviation device-building.

Main purpose of quality system is permanent improvement of air-technical parts’ production using innovative processings, management systems and information technologies.


Development of the company’s quality system

Over the entire history of its existence the enterprise aimed at the output of high quality products.

One of the first steps in quality increase was introduction of a defectless manufacture system at the enterprise in 1966.

The selection of providers depends on results of an incoming inspection. In the manufacturing process are organized the operating control and outgoing inspection in workshops. Ready aviation-technical parts undergo an one-hundred-percent inspection on accordance with claims of design documentation (verification) and pass periodic breakdown tests (validation).

In 1979 was developed and introduced a complex quality management system. In 1998 was decided to establish a quality system at the enterprise on the basis of international standards ISO of 9000 series.


In august 2001 the Institute of Tests and Certification of the armaments and military machinery in the system «Military register» gave the conformity certificate on the correspondence of the quality management system (QMS) to the standards of GOST R ISO 9002-96. From December 2014 QMS is certificated on the correspondence to the requirements of GOST ISO 9001-2011 and GOST RV 0015-002-2012.


The basis of QMS form:

Management processes provide the maintenance of QMS with permanent improvement, effectiveness estimation and aptitude test of QMS. For operative decision of problems in quality in the company works a standing quality committee.

Primary processes provide an updated and identified condition of design, technical and other documentation. The constant incoming inspection of materials and purchased parts were fulfilled.

Supportive processes provide a control of the technological precision of machines, it were made aptitude tests of tools and instruments in accordance with a specified periodicity.  All measuring equipment and test means were regularly checked. The company’s personnel undergoes training for improving their qualification in QMS.

«Agregat» PJSC has licenses of Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade that give the right to produce and repair aviation equipment, inclusive double purpose equipment. For further promotion of products in domestic and external markets the company has taken a license for produce and repair of military machinery in Federal Service for Defence Order.